-----9/15 from Steve----

Mr. Walsey,
As you may know, your newspaper published in its September 11, 2003
edition a John Sugg column titled "Fox v Media Jackals."
This article, which has been widely distributed by Mr. Sugg and others,
led to a report today describing me as being the "chief investigative
reporter for WXYZ-TV, the Scripps-Howard flagship ABC affiliate in
Detroit, who was accused Friday by Atlanta's Creative Loafing newspaper
of misappropriating money from a legal defense fund and using it to
purchase a $1.4 million home in Ponte Vedra Beach," Florida.

As I advised Mr. Sugg prior to publication that the facts he was about
to publish were not only outright wrong in comse cases but based on
misconceptions and false conclusions.  And although I provided your
editor with a written statement prior to publication of the column, no
honorable journalist could conclude it was fairly reported in your paper.
The purpose of this note is to ask what forum you would provide to allow for
a response. Specifically, would you entertain a Letter To The Editor, an op-ed piece,
or some other kind of vehicle to allow Jane Akre and to respond is we so choose?
Would you kindly advise me the format you would be willing to extend, 
as well as the deadline and size of the response you would accept?
Thank you.
Steve Wilson
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Subject: welcoming a response
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 12:31:57 -0400
From: "Neil Skene" <nskene@comcast.net>
To: <wilson@citicom.com>
CC: "Ken Edelstein" <ken.edelstein@creativeloafing.com>,"Scott Walsey"
Dear Mr. Wilson,
Scott Walsey has asked that I respond to your letter in the absence of 
Ken Edelstein, the editor of our Atlanta paper.  We would of course welcome your
response and opposing view on the John Sugg column. I think the form of a letter
to the editor would be the most appropriate and desirable. Please send this directly to me,
and I will ensure it goes to the proper place for publication. It would be desirable to have
this by the close of business on Thursday for next week's paper.  I appreciate your noting that the
allegation of "misappropriation" Appears elsewhere. It was not at all a part of the Sugg column.
We look forward to receiving your response.
Neil Skene
Senior Vice President / Editorial
Creative Loafing Inc.
6737 Heartland Circle
Tallahassee, FL 32312

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Subject: Re: welcoming a response
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 18:06:01 -0400
From: Steve Wilson <wilson@citicom.com>
Reply-To: wilson@citicom.com
To: Neil Skene <nskene@comcast.net>
BCC: Jane Akre <jakre@bellsouth.net>
References: <OPEKKPJDPLNKNEOALJACAENOCEAA.nskene@comcast.net>
Dear Mr. Skene,
Thanks for your reply and allowing me the opportunity to respond.  It
would be helpful if you could provide some guidance as to how much space (how many words?) 
you are willing to allow me in response to this lengthy column that raised quite a few issues.
I note you wrote: 

I appreciate your noting that the allegation of "misappropriation" appears > 
elsewhere. It was not at all a part of the Sugg column.
While you are technically correct, it seems as though another
editor--and how many readers?--draw that natural conclusion from Sugg's column 
which failed to support such a conclusion with even one fact.  It was simply: Wilson and Akre 
accepted donations to defray legal expenses.  Wilson's and Akre's name appear on real estate records 
of the purchase of an expensive townhouse, just one example of the kind of sloppy reporting to 
which I wish to respond because there is no public record that says townhouse.  The record clearly labels the
property as "a single family dwelling."
At any rate, the article your paper published never connected the dots. 
Although your Mr. Sugg obviously believes otherwise, no actual link was Reported because none exists.  
For all your columnist knows, I could be heir to the Wilson Sporting Goods fortune. (I'm not.) 
Or earned a good deal of money through investments and other business ventures, not to mention my salary 
as a chief  investigative reporter for the Scripps-Howard flagship television station for more than two years 
now. (Which is true.) 
Thank you for the opportunity to extend the fairness Mr. Sugg did not. 
I'll   await your word on length and do my best to have it to you by the Thursday deadline.
Steve Wilson