9 18 03  To editor of news blues from Steve

Request for corrections/clarifications

Oh, S-E, you've done it again: failed to be accurate in your reporting of this continuing saga.  Even though you've proven you have no real dedication to reporting fact versus fantasy, I'm advised that I should continue calling your attention to these errors and asking for corrections and clarifications of anything inaccurate or misleading.

1.  <<Steve Wilson and wife Jane Akre, the two former Tampa reporters who sued Fox and Tampa's WTVT five years ago....lost in court....>>

No, actually we WON in court with a unanimous jury verdict later overturned on a legal technicality.

2.  <<...now say they will comply with Florida state regulations, designed to oversee fundraising activities.>>

No, what we said was state regulations do not REQUIRE us to register or file reports...but we're going to voluntarily do so anyway.  Re-read my note to you yesterday which said, in part:

<<We have determined that although the state website still advises registration is not necessary for individuals who invite donations for a particular family in need, we will not only meet all special guidelines required of such invitations for public support,we will go a step farther and register our Citizens Fund For The Right To Know.>>

And do you remember I sent you Mr. Sugg's acknowledgement that registration is not required of us?  I can send it again if you've lost it.

3.  <<According to Wilson...the couple did not register with the Florida Department of Agriculture's Division of Consumer Services because they believed they qualified for an exemption. Public solicitations for money are allowed for "individuals who invite donations for a particular family in need.>>

No, not because "we believed we qualified for an exemption" but because, as the state and even Sugg have now confirmed, we DO qualify for an exemption.  You seem to sort of acknowledge this yourself in the second sentence above but the juxtaposition of the two is extremely misleading and could cause a fast reader to conclude we only THOUGHT we had an exemption when, in fact, we actually do.

4.  <<Wilson now says he will comply with state regulations, but he will not produce audited records...>>

No, what I actually said was: "We have nothing to hide and never intended to violate even the spirit of state oversight." And as for producing records, I made it clear we will voluntarily register and file reports are required by the state, even though we are not required to do so.

5.  <<nor will he explain how he is able to afford a $1.4 million beach townhouse in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.>>

Wrong again.  I explained it to you earlier when I wrote, and you even published: "Since I make somewhat above the minimum wage (at WXYZ for more than two years now), have other business interests and investments, and lived in a luxury waterfront home (today valued at $1 million) when I went to work and was fired by Fox, the fact that my name is on a piece of similarly-valued real estate shouldn't be a total shock to anyone who knows anything about me and my 32-year career..."

And by the way, neither Jane nor I now own--NOR HAVE WE ever OWNED--a $1.4 million beach townhouse in Ponte Vedra b Beach, Florida? You've been victimized again by a reporter who can't even read accurately read and report a public record.