Re: Akre/Wilson Statement

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> From: Steve Wilson []
> Sent: Friday, September 19, 2003 9:14 PM
> To: John Sugg
> Subject: Re: Akre/Wilson Statement

> John Sugg wrote:
> < <FYI, Mike James did forward some of our comments with permission for me
to use them. They are very instructive.>>
> "OUR comments?"  It took BOTH of you to cook up this crap?
> <<In reviewing the stuff sent to us, it is clear the word "townhouse" is
the > "error" you cite.>>
> You are quick.  Now all you have to do is explain how you found the word
> townhouse in the tax assessor's record which includes no such word.  Or,
you  could just change your name to Jason.
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From: Steve Wilson []
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2003 12:53 PM
To: John Sugg; Neil Skene
Cc: Ken Edelstein
Subject: Re: Akre/Wilson Statement
I suggest you confer with your editor and publisher regarding the
Detailed information I have prepared for them before you continue to report
Information that is both false and misleading.
John Sugg wrote:
> Steve, it should have been "your comments." Sorry for the missing "y".
>> A database summary produced the word townhouse. That's not a mystery.
That's  why I furnished it to you so you could comment. Rather than deal with
> specifics, you refused to name the errors. The issue isn't whether you
owned  a $1.386 million townhome or home. The issue is whether you should 
have  disclosed your wealth while soliciting for funds. And, whether it was
> misleading to imply a major error in the records when, in fact, the error
> is, as I surmised, incidental.
> You are, of course, welcome to comment. Otherwise, I will use comments
> gleaned from your messages to James to furnish your explanation for your
> wealth.