Steve to news blues

9-17 03
Steve to news blues
I'm so glad you're able to capitalize on this fairy tale Sugg has sold
you...but apparently he didn't bother to alert you to the fact he--and
now you--are all wet about this alleged failure to register my "charity"
with the state of Florida.
In the interest of getting you a few more subscribers to your gossip
sheet, here's some more grist for the mill:
Today, Sugg wrote me to say:
<<On the registration (issue), the state got back and said they had
erred, that there is an exemption if the fundraising is solely for a
individual or family.  However, since you have formed a fundraising
entity, and the name of the entity does not specify that the money is
solely for you, you could still be required to register.>>
This means, Surly Editor (and as long as we're getting close enough for
you to check on my lifestyle and how I can afford it, may I call you S-E
for short?) your published report today that...
<<When we called Tallahassee on Tuesday, we were not at all surprised to
learn that Wilson and Akre had never bothered to register or report
their collections.>> a few cards short of the full deck.  Were you not surprised
because they told you, as they have told us and finally confirmed now to
Sugg, that we were never required to register?
And when you wrote...
<<State officials now say the two must produce audited records of their
fundraising or face a $10,000 fine and possible criminal charges.>>
...did you make this up out of whole cloth, since the state official in
charge of overseeing charitable solicitations in Florida also confirms
that entities such as ours not required to register are also not
required to produce audited records?  For what it's worth, I'd say you
ought to stick to generating gossip and leave the investigative
reporting to real journalists.
And finally, here's a little scoop with which you can beat Sugg to
press: we're going to short-circuit any future unsubstantiated claims
like you two have been spreading by registering with the state anyway.
As I said in a statement to Sugg earlier today:
"As a result of your inquiry, we have determined that although the state
website still advises registration is not necessary for individuals who
invite donations for a particular family in need, we will not only meet
all special guidelines required of such invitations for public support,
we will go a step farther and register our Citizens Fund For The Right
To Know.
"We have nothing to hide and never intended to violate even the spirit
of state oversight.  In fact, we welcome the opportunity to block
further wild speculation by immediately complying with the obligations
outlined to us today by the state official in charge of administering
the state’s Solicitation of Contributions Act."
Now come on, S-E, don't you feel just a little used for your part in
this baseless crusade Sugg recruited you for...or are the new
subscriptions flooding in at a rate to cause you not to care about how
you've acted here?
As my eldest daughter is so fond of saying:  Whatever!