10 02 03  noon Sugg says I cant have depo for use of funds

 Jane, I would suggest that your best source of your deposition is your own attorney or your personal files.
 I provided Steve with his deposition -- although I think his best source would be his own files -- because I 
asked questions directly based on testimony he gave. I have not asked any questions from your deposition 
or other testimony. If you know of testimony that might add perspective to the subject, I would welcome receiving it.  

I have asked about a very small portion of Steve's deposition -- the disposition of $5,000 that he says was 
converted into a cashier's check and hidden under a mattress to keep the funds from the IRS. And, of less 
importance, the disposition of $30 that Steve testified was used for lawn care work -- a mistake, Steve says. 
Steve's statements in the deposition, especially about the $5,000, are clear and unambiguous. Feel free to add to them.  

In communications to us you have said that no money from the Citizens' Fund was misused. Thus, the 
disposition of these funds is relevant. I would be surprised if you don't recall testimony you gave on these matters;
 or if you gave testimony. If you would like to disclose records that show the disposition of the funds, I would certainly 
consider those records. Of, if you recall facts other than those related by Steve in his deposition, that would be helpful.


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In order to further this discussion along and to answer your questions,  I've found mr mcdaniels often
asks the same questions of steve as of me.   I dont recall what was said in october 99 only that a depo was taken .
Would you please provide me with my deposition taken in october 99-- so i can refresh my recollection about
the events you are asking about.
Thank you,

jane akre

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