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Thanks. Are you saying that absent any contributions, your personal finances
would not have been impacted by the legal fees and bills to the extent that
contributions were applied to the legal expenses? You mention that you have
received no complaints. However, did you disclose to contributors and
potential contributors that you had considerable wealth, and did you
disclose the contents of your Oct. 19, 1999, deposition so that they might
raise questions about the $5,000 (or even the $30)?

I'm not interested in your personal finances -- just those of the Citizens'
Fund. Why would you be opposed to disclosing the disposition of funds from
that account? Since you represented yourself, would you consider your own
expenses a valid use of the Citizens' Fund money?

Have you received a windfall inheritance in excess of $100,000 since the
trial? Or a lucky lottery win in excess of $100,000 since the trial?

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