Wilson/Akre Letter

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Subject: Wilson/Akre Letter
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 18:31:36 -0400
From: Steve Wilson
Reply-To: wilson@citicom.com
To: Ken Edelstein

Two things to remember if you’re ever tempted to dispute the convoluted
and twisted logic John Sugg is prone to weave through the rants Creative
Loafing publishes here regularly:

1) It never makes sense to get into a pissing match with a skunk, and;
2) Why waste perfectly good and valuable time trying to correct a piece
of work even the paper itself labels a Fishwrapper?

If you dissected a recent issue of Creative Loafing carefully, you might
have seen some “clarifications”  Mr. Sugg’s editor agreed to publish in
wake of the September 11 Fishwrapper (Fox v Media Jackals).  Much of
Sugg’s reporting and many of his implications that we defrauded our
supporters in our fight as whistleblowers against Fox Television were
false and based on nothing but innuendo.  He never reported, for
instance, our clear and unambiguous response that we have done nothing
to mislead or defraud anyone who has helped us fight Rupert Murdoch’s
media empire.

The corrections you haven’t read in these pages, the corrections we
documented but the editor chose to ignore, are equally important and too
numerous to detail here.  Just as some cops cover for cops and doctors
sometimes do the same for their colleagues when they can’t just bury
their mistakes, we’re disappointed CL’s editor has apparently decided to
do his favorite columnist a favor and look the other way on many of the
errors we documented.

I’ve never understood why Atlanta readers would be interested in a media
dispute based in Tampa but if you’re a journalism student, or a media
gadfly, or just have an interest in what’s really behind Mr. Sugg’s
extraordinary efforts to smear us, we invite you to visit our website
http://foxBGHsuit.com.  There you’ll find and judge for yourself what
journalistic misconduct by Mr. Sugg that CL wants to ignore.

What we found important to take away from our scrape with Sugg—and the
purpose of our letter here—is this: Weekly alternative papers can
provide a much-needed to mainstream media.  Unfortunately, for the
people of Atlanta, while CL may be the best place to find a romantic
sushi bar or a hot date, don’t confuse Mr. Sugg’s “journalism” with what
you might find in the like of The Village Voice or the San Francisco
Bay Guardian.

Read his work with this in mind: Here is a “journalist” who once
admitted, right here in print, “I don’t advocate ‘objective’ journalism”
and went on to say he does, however, believe “in a little fairness.”
All too frequently, his Fishwrapper reeks with a lack of either.

Jane Akre
Steve Wilson