Issue #1: The Milk…
Milk Is it still "nature’s most perfect food" when dairymen are injecting their cows with the artificial hormone BGH many scientists link to cancer? How many Americans even know their milk has changed as a result of secret injections down on the farm? Why is this approved in the U.S. but banned in in all of Europe and unapproved through Canada and several other countries? And if there is nothing wrong with BGH, why has its maker Monsanto fought so hard to avoid honest labels which would identify milk from hormone-treated cows and allow consumers to choose for themselves?

Issue #2: The Media
How many news organizations have been subjected to pressure not to tell the truth by those who stand to profit most from continued use of BGH? And beyond deciding not to tell the story at all, how frequently do news organizations insist their reporters slant the story in favor of the special interests that may threaten to sue or cancel advertising?

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