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Here is a comprehensive list of sources Jane Akre and Steve Wilson consulted while researching the story they investigated for FOX TV. The actual scripts of the story that never ran, submitted as part of the reporters suit against FOX-TV, are also available here, as is the ability to see and hear the reports using RealPlayer. Remember these are the sources used to produce a story for Florida viewers, although many are national experts/sources which could be helpful for obtaining background and information relevant to any part of the country.

Following the Akre/Wilson source list are additional LINKS to pages which include additional information about rBGH and dairy products, including a BGH/Milk Bookshelf of related materials. If you know of more, please go to the BGH BULLETIN BOARD and share it with others. Also, if you publish or find other sites relevant to this issue... Please SEND URL so we may add them to our links.

Journalists seeking to produce their own print or broadcast story about rBGH use in America are also invited to contact the journalists (Steve Wilson or Jane Akre) directly for more discussion and any other assistance or information they would be happy to offer.

Sources Reporters Used

Supermarket Contacts:

Albertson’s - Steve Hilton, Director, Product Quality (208) 385-6200

Ansley’s Natural Marketplace (Tampa area health food market) (813) 239-2700, Stewart Stoops, Manger

Food Lion Stores - Chris Ahern, Customer Service 800-210-9569, 704-633-8250 ext.2892, Tom Smith-President

Kash & Karry Stores - Sandy Hadges, Customer Service (813) 621-0200; Ron Dennis, President

Land O’Lakes Inc. - Terry Nagle, Communications (612) 481-2271

Nature’s Harvest (FL health food market) David Taylor, Owner (813) 873-7428

Publix Supermarkets - National headquarters, Lakeland FL, Mary Ann Jones, Jennifer Bush, press (941) 688-1188

Safeway Corporation (CA) - Debra Lambert, Public Affairs (510) 467-3267

Southland Stores (TX) - Karen Raskopf, Communications (214) 828-7491

Winn Dixie - Mickey Clerc, Dir. Public Relations (904) 783-5000 (Superbrand is its subsidiary)

Health Groups/Activist Organizations/Industry Lobbyists:

American Cancer Society - (404) 320-3333, NY Media - Susan Islam (212) 382-2169, Dr. C. W. Heath, Epidemiologist (404) 329-7686

American Dietetic Association - Johnna Thomas, Media, (312) 899-0040

American Medical Association - Barry Cohen, Media (312) 464-5000 ext. 4579, Julius Hobson, Govt. Affairs (202) 789-7400

Cancer Prevention Coalition - Dr. Samuel Epstein, Director, (312) 467-0600

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)- Joanne deLoriba, Media (202) 653-2402 (food safety officials from around the world)

Food and Water - Michael Colby (802) 563-3300 (publication & information on food safety)

IDFA - International Dairy Foods Association (includes Milk Industry Foundation, National Cheese Institute, International Ice Cream Association), (202) 737-4332, Jennifer Korolishin, Press; E. Linwood Tipton, President

National Association of State Department’s of Agriculture - Mark Nestlen, (202) 296-9680

Pure Food Campaign - Ronnie Cummins, Dir. (218) 226-4155 (has probably done more work on this issue than anyone)

Wisconsin Grocery Association - John Elligson (608) 244-7150

Press Contacts:

Canadian Broadcasting Company - "The Fifth Estate", Paul Webster, Researcher (Monsanto Canada’s push to get product in country) (416) 205-6663

John Dillon, Reporter, Montpellier (VT) Times Argus (802) 479-0191

Dairy Market News (USDA produced trade publication) Alan Wagner (608) 224-5080

Food and Water Journal - Michael Colby, Editor (802) 563-3300, 800-EAT-SAFE

Food Chemical News - Paul Shread (202) 887-6320 (newsletter for industry, consumer groups, academia, covers CVM)

Milkweed - Pete Hardin, Editor, Farmer, (608) 455-2400

Rachel’s Environmental and Health Weekly - Peter Montague, editor (410) 263-1584 (published by Environmental Research Foundation)

Rural Vermont - Ellen Taggert, director, (802) 223-7222

Consumer Groups:

Consumer’s Union - Dr. Michael Hanson (914) 378-2452 (Dr. Hanson has been a UN advisor and lobbyist against rBGH as part of Consumer Policy Institute)

Center for Responsible Politics - Sheila Krumholz (202) 857-0044 (tracks money trail from corporations to federal elected officials and parties)

Center for Science in the Public Interest - David Schardt (202) 332-9110

The Humane Farming Association - (415) 771-2253

Mothers & Others for a Livable Planet - (212) 242-0010

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - Dr. Andrew Nicholson, dir. Preventative Medicine, Jessica Outwater (202) 686-2210 (study on dairy products & breast cancer)

Dairy Farmers/Processing Plants/Dairy Co-ops:

Ariana Dairy (FL) - (352) 796-0678

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream - Lee Holden, media contact (802) 651-9600, Tom Smith, attorney who handled labeling suit in Illinois, Tom Smith (202) 626-3902

Florida Dairy Farmers Association - Jack Kidwell, (954)-583-3344, Ft. Lauderdale coop-buys from dairies and sells milk to: McArthur (under its own name and Albertson’s), TG Lee (Kash & Karry, Food Lion, Albertsons), Publix, Velda, Superbrands (Winn-Dixie)

Golden Fleece Dairy (produces and wholesales certified-rBGH-free milk in FL) - (352) 628-2688

Gustafson Dairy and processing plant (FL) - Ed Gustafson, David Plumley-plant manager (904) 284-9802

Gore Dairy - Fred Gore (813) 782-1215

Gustafson Dairy (FL), 800-342-1092, (904) 284-9802

Chuck Knight (FL) DairyFarmer - (941) 773-4716

Lane Cattle Company (FL) (813) 634-1875

McArthur - Miami plant (305) 795-7700

Publix - Lakeland plant (941) 680-5200

St. Alban’s Co-Op (Vermont farmer’s association that provides certified r-BGH-free milk to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, others)

Tampa Independent Dairy Farmers’ Association - Riley Hogan-mgr. (813) 247-3961,buys/sells and processes milk for: Publix, Winn Dixie (Superbrand), Velda

TG Lee - Dean Foods (provides milk to Food Lion, Kash & Karry, Albertson’s) (407) 894-4941

V&W Dairy (FL) (941) 452-2747

Velda Farms - processing plant (FL)- Norm Rasmussen, VP Manufacturing 800-805-9390, (305) 651-3511 (large regional producer providing much milk to schools)

Wiggins Dairy (FL) - Wayne Wiggins (813) 986-2651

Government Contacts:

American Dietetic Association - M. Johnna Thomas, Public Relations Team 800-877-1600 ext.4769

Vermont Department of Agriculture - Aileen Eliot, Civil Division (802) 828-3171

Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture - Terry Wenger, Dept of Grading & Standards (608) 224-5012

Florida Agriculture Extention - Seffner FL office, Mary Sowerby (813) 744-5519

Florida Department of Agriculture - Dean Elliott, Director, Dairy Division (904) 487-1450; Pat Ernst, public information officer, (904) 488-4027; Agriculture Commissioner Bob Crawford, (Martha Roberts) (904) 488-3022

US Food and Drug Administration - Press Center/Foods division, Arthur Whitmore (202) 205-4144; Joe Smucker (301) 827-3414

FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine - Linda Grassy, Press Center spokesperson, (301)594-1755; Linda Ruckel (301) 827-3416, FOI requests (301) 443-6310, FOI requests CVM (301) 443-1726

Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI)- Mary (608) 828-1200, (202) 224-5323

U.S Representative Scott Klug (R-WI) (202) 225-2906, (608) 257-9200 (promoting congressional inquiry into rBGH)

Scientific/Research Contacts:

Aquarian Research Foundation - Art Rosenblum (215) 849-1259 or 849-3237 day/eve

Kara Biologicals - Frank Falkowski (908)236-2455 (rBGH test)

Mark Kastel (WI) Farm Policy Consultant (608) 625-2042

Dr. David Kronfeld - Veterinarian/Researcher, Virginia Polytech Institute (540) 231-6763 x6124 (has studied mastitis/Monsanto issue)

New York University - Marion Nessle- food science (212) 998-5580

Science Certification Systems (pesticide, bacteria testing) (510) 832-1415

University of Florida - Dr. Roger Natzke, Dairy Science Dept. (352) 392-1981; Herbert Head, Lactation Physiology (352) 392-5590, (UF did some of the original research on rBGH for Monsanto)

University of Wisconsin - Robin Douthitt, Consumer Science (608) 262-9770 (survey on consumer attitudes toward rBGH & labeling)

Vindicator Foods - Harley Evertt (941) 425-0039 (under FDA must label irradiated foods)

William von Meyer - (WI) Agricultural/chemical researcher, (608) 437-6700

Chemical/Bio-tech Industry Monsanto (producers of rBGH trade name Posilac) - Gary Barton, PR (314) 694-7233


OneWorld Search Engine Results - Large (180kb) file of 81 search results [updated July 10, 1999] obtained from ONEWORLD.NET: Offering an incredible array of daily reports on environmental and social issues.

The Activist - Eclectic site for boosting the awareness of racism, fascism, genetically modified foods, children's rights, and environmental issues including rBGH.

Aquarian Research Foundation - Finding ways to a positive future for the earth since 1969, Contact Art Rosenblum

Ben & Jerry's - background on the ice cream makers efforts to sell their rBGH-free labeled products nationwide

Biosis-UK scientists on rBGH, background on the issue

Bovine Growth Hormone as viewed by Crescent Ridge Dairy

Robert Cohen (author "Milk-The Deadly Poison")


Ernie Pyle Bookstore, IRE Shelf : Covering the BGH/Milk Story
Our webmaster, Duffey, is proprietor of The Ernie Pyle Bookstore which maintains a stock of great books on a wide variety of other subjects. In exchange for his uncompensated efforts to help maintain this site, he provides this link to his entire bookstore where you can browse and buy books at substantial discounts.

Rachels Environmental Weekly issues

Environmental Working Group

Environmental Research Foundation - Food & Water (802) 563-3300

Humane Farming Association - (415) 771-2253

IDFA (International Dairy Foods Association)

International Health News Milk and the Cancer Connection

is available on the Monsanto Home page and sites for rBGH and Protiva (marketing division)

Posilac Division
MooMilk (sponsored in part by Monsanto)

Monsanto pledge

Center for Media & Democracy A Publication of the Center for Media & Democracy
Major Monsanto Watchdog

Mother Jones - article on industry/academic links, Cornell Univ. research into rBGH

Mothers & Others for a Livable Planet - (212) 242-0010

(Canadian) National Farmers Union - The complete "Gaps Analysis Report" prepared by the Canadian Scientists. The NFU in Canada was the first one to make the document public while it was still classified information. They are, among other things, a very food safety conscious group and their site is very informative to anyone that is interested.

Physcians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology
Edited by Dr Jaan Suurküla MD

Pure Food Campaign

US Department of Agriculture

UK & Ireland perspectives

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