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May 23, 1997


Dear Carolyn,

I am responding to your May 6 letter and proposal to amend my employment agreement. Thank you again for the brief extension of time to consider your offer.

Let me first say how happy I am that we have overcome the apparent misunderstandings which led to your previous letter to me and Steve Wilson. Finally meeting and working with you more directly has been a terrific opportunity to learn that we both have much more in common than we have cause to be at odds with one another. Realizing that we are each professionals dedicated to broadcasts which are good journalism and legally defensible, too, has made a world of difference.

I am also delighted to see that you and the station have reaffirmed the commitment to getting the BGH story on the air as soon as possible. You already know how strongly I feel that this is an important story which deserves to be told, especially to the parents of small children who are the primary consumers of milk. I’m hoping, as you suggested to Steve the other day, that our conference next Tuesday will lead to final approval of the four-part series which can then be presented to our viewers without further delay. As we told you, we are both willing to do virtually whatever it takes to respond to your concerns and get the story on the air.

Let me also say how much I am enjoying anchoring the weekend morning broadcasts. Apart from the instant gratification of seeing the ratings at their highest-ever level for those time periods, Dave Boylan’s commitment to weekend morning news makes me especially enthusiastic to be a part of the effort.

And speaking of Dave, I am particularly happy to see those recently published articles in which he clearly voices his support for the staff’s dedication to WTVT’s heritage of strong, quality journalism. I can certainly appreciate a vision for exciting new directions and I have also come to believe Dave and I have much more in common than either of us may have been led to believe about the other.

Given how busy and focused we all are on getting the BGH stories on the air in the coming days, and also considering how my background particularly well suits me for making a contribution to the station’s new efforts in many news time periods, this does not seem to be the time to accept an offer to make less of a contribution.

In closing, while I certainly do appreciate the proposal, Carolyn, I want you and Dave to know how committed I am to helping achieve the future successes he has planned for Channel 13. I’m happy to be on the team and look forward to working even harder within the framework of my present agreement to help WTVT regain its rightful place as Florida’s News Leader.

As soon as the BGH scripts meet with your approval and those reports are on the air, I’m looking forward to sitting down with Dave and perhaps his new news director to determine how they believe I can make the most positive contribution to Fox 13 Eyewitness News.



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Jane Akre

Ms. Carolyn Y. Forrest
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
3200 Windy Hill Suite 1100 West
Atlanta, GA 30339



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