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May 28, 1997

Dear Carolyn,

I am responding to your May 6 letter and proposed Separation Agreement and General Release of Claims. You set a deadline for me to respond no later than today.

I had hoped, as you suggested last week, that the pre-broadcast review process on the BGH story would finally be finished yesterday and I could spend the rest of this week completing the news reports as you provided in paragraph 4 (a) of your proposal. Although our long sessions yesterday and today have resulted in a lot of continued progress, we will not even be starting the review on Part IV until after you review Parts I-III in context which you presently plan to do next Tuesday.

It is clear now that there is no possible way for me to edit and have the broadcast ready by Saturday, May 31, 1997, my last day of employment if I accept your proposal.

By now you must surely understand the sincerity of my dedication to this particular story which has never been told. Getting these broadcasts on the air and making this important information widely available to our viewers is my primary commitment. I place it even above the opportunity for personal benefit by the terms you have suggested. It is why I have worked far in excess of my contractually obligated 10 hours a week with no additional compensation for many, many weeks. And it is why I must respectfully decline your offer at this time.

This response is being directed to you as your letter requested but I hope you will pass along to Dave Boylan my thanks and please see that he understands why I feel so strongly that this is the right decision for right now.


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Steve Wilson


Ms. Carolyn Y. Forrest
Fox Television Stations
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Suite 1100 West
Atlanta, GA 30339




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