Ž October 18: FDA Wants Comments on G-M Foods:
Public Meetings Start in November

Ž October 13: Judge Rules: Trial Will Proceed:
Defense loses third effort to have case dismissed

Ž September 24: MSNBC: Gene-modified foods might get labels:
Industry weighs voluntary steps, U.S. studies options as well

Ž September 20: Trial Still Set to Start Soon:
Busy Docket Delays foxBGHsuit

Ž August 4: MSNBC: Mutable Feast:
Will the fight over gene-altered food products leapfrog across the Atlantic?

Ž June 30: Consumers International:
UN Health Group Shuns BGH

Ž June 1: New York Times:
Farmers’ Right To Sue Grows - Food Warning Muzzle Likely

Ž May 10: Corporate Crime Reporter:
Monsanto Officials Join Leading Consumer, Environmental Groups

Ž May 3: Fox Deceives Viewers in Primetime, Too
Net Admits Staging after INSIDE EDITION Report

Ž April 30: Democracy Group Award to Akre/Wilson
Fired Reporters Cited for "Courage in Journalism"

Ž April 29: New Trial Date is October 11
Fox Piles On Big-Name Lawyers

Ž April 17: Clinton Lawyer Joins Fox Legal Team
David Kendall Involvement Confirmed in Letter to Monsanto

Ž April 16: Fox Pleads for Another Delay
Later Trial Date to be Set April 29th

Ž April 1: Judge Says BGH Case Will Go To Trial
Opening Gavel Falls May 10th

Ž February 16: PENTHOUSE Exposes BGH, Fox Coverup:
First-rate story of BGH situation and lawsuit against Fox TV
(rated G -- no nudity, just the story)

Ž January 25: ENS Summary of BGH Developments

Ž January 14: How Fox Wanted to Slant News of Canadian Concerns
Canadian BGH Concerns Were Big Issue In Firing of Fox Reporters

Ž January 14: Canada Says NO to BGH!
Read the CBC Story or View-Listen to report with RealPlayer

Ž January 14: Health Canada Rejects Bovine Growth Hormone in Canada
Government News Release

Ž December 16: Akre & Wilson Win Courage Award
For Work On Story Which Cost Them Their Jobs

Ž December 15: ABC NEWS Catches Up on BGH
Read the ABC Story or View-Listen to report with RealPlayer

Ž November 7: FOX Legal (8/28) Answers
to Reporters' Complaint Now Available

Ž November 1: Monsanto and Fox: Partners in Censorship
PR Watch - Showcase Article

Ž October 30: Canadians Probe Coverup Claim
Read CBC Story or View-Listen to report with RealPlayer

Ž October 24: Reporters Get Top SPJ Ethics Award

Ž October 22: BGH Issue Explodes in Canada:
Read CBC Story or View-Listen to report with RealPlayer

Ž October 7: SECRET Canadian Study Leaked...
...BGH safety questions unanswered?

Ž Sept 13: Akre-Wilson Depos Start

Ž Sept 10: TIMES/St. Petersburg
SP Times covers NutraSweet flap

Ž Sept 10: Our Story: Fox Still Protecting Monsanto?

Ž Sept 8: Fox Pulls Plug on NutraSweet Foe

Ž Sept 1: Reporters Respond To Defense

Ž READ story FOX-TV refused to air...
or View-Listen to report with RealPlayer

Ž July 14: Judge refuses to dismiss
all but one count of reporters' suit

Ž July 5: OBSERVER/London
Digger Still Plays Dirty

Ž July 1: Depositions Continue, Trial Date Set

Ž June 7: TIMES/St. Petersburg
Akre/Wilson Preparing FCC Complaint

Ž May 26: Judge rejects Defense motion
for Protective Order

Ž May 25: WEEKLY PLANET/Tampa:
Grazing A Stink - - -Don't Have a Cow

(Silenced) Reporters... Post Web Site

Ž May 21: Wilson/Akre demand on-air correction

Ž April 29: FOX-TV asks court:
Dismiss case and Delay depositions
New postings added frequently to the following: