Into the Buzzsaw: Leading
Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press

edited by Kristina Borjesson
Forward by Gore Vidal
Prometheus Books

Into the Buzzsaw tells my story of what went on behind the scenes within the Fox organization that spiked our story on rBGH.  But it goes beyond our story--essays from 18 journalists from AP, CBS, New York Times, publishing and broadcast, tell their stories of how investigative reports that may lower ratings, upset advertisers or corporate owners,  are frequently killed, even though those stories may be vital to the public interest.  These real-life shocking examples are a lesson for aspiring journalists as well as veteran news people -- Jane Akre (Chapter 2).  

Every citizen should read this book,  -- Amazon Reader. *****  Amazon and the National Press Club First Place Award for Press Criticism (2003) .  

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